Sample Course Offerings

Custom Art Workshop  –  Gather a group of friends and host a fun workshop in your home or at a nearby Community Center. The focus and duration of the workshop is up to you!

“Anyone Can Draw!”  –   Drawing is a learned perceptual skill that improves with practice.  This class offers a guided progression of skills building for all levels.

Beginner Watercolor and/or Acrylic –  This course introduces a progression of fundamental painting skills. Through demonstrations and one-on-one learning, the primary focus is to understand how the medium works and apply learned skills to any choice of subject.

Intermediate Watercolor and/or Acrylic –  The progression of this class is always unique.  Using “teachable moments”, mini-demos and ample one-on-one time, the primary focus is on addressing the immediate questions and challenges that arise while students paint any subject of choice.

“Loosen Up” with Watercolor –  This landscape workshop invites you to experiment with bigger washes and larger brushes to try a looser style of painting. Emphasis is on developing techniques that allow for a less confined approach.

Fur, Feathers and Fins – Learn the skills and techniques needed to render your favorite animals and birds in watercolor, colored pencil or graphite.

Painting Faces –  Improve your drawing skills, color mixing and accuracy of rendering faces in the medium of your choice.

Paper Collage –  Learn the remarkably simple and enjoyable skills of paper collage. Using scissors, X-acto knife, a variety of gluing techniques and colorful handmade papers, we will create exciting realistic or abstract imagery.

Fees – Weekly and Workshop fees are determined on a case by case basis.

Private Lessons – $35.00/hour. Mileage fees may apply.

Please contact Jane directly to schedule a class, private lesson or workshop.

My email address is

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