Here is my WATERCOLOR GALLERY … Scroll down, click once on image to enlarge.





























6 thoughts on “Watercolor

  1. Jane – It’s so fun to see the scope of your artistic talent! You have a wonderful sense of color and clarity. And there is a sense of lightness and traveling gently and with appreciation in your work, whether it is a landscape or a portrait. Your on-location paintings make me want to pack my bags and head out on a new adventure. Thanks for sharing your work and your talent with others!


  2. I believe I have one of your paintings. I love it, but would like to know the name if it if possible. How would I send you a picture? Here is a description of it…..there is a river and on the bank is a rrd house or barn. There are trees and it looks cloudy, there is also some bare land in the scape.


    1. Hi Jeanne, Thanks for contacting me. I offer a variety if classes throughout the year. I am out of town at the moment and will get back to you later this week about an upcoming workshop in Asheville and details on private lessons. Cheers, Jane


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